Water Distillation Plant

Water Purification Plants

Product Details:
  • Type: Automatic , Semi-Automatic
  • Capacity (litres per hour): 250-500, 500-1000 , 1000-5000
  • Installation Services Required: Yes
  • Type Of Machines: RO

Owing to the expertise of our team of experienced professionals, we are able to manufacture, supply, and export an exclusive range of Water Purification Plants. These plants are installed for purifying chemicals, biological contaminants, reducing solids, and gases from contaminated water. Our deft professionals have designed and developed unique and outstanding solutions for purifying various minerals and other elements from water. Furthermore, these plants are installed by us and machine can be made of according to the given specification by clients.


  • Require less space for installation
  • High capacity and production performance
  • Low consumption of power and less noise in operation

Water Distillation Plant

Product Details:
  • Operation Mode: Automatic, Semi-Automatic
  • Capacity: 200-500 litres per hour, 500-1000 litres per hour, 1000-2000 litres per hour
  • Certification: CE
  • Power Supply(kw): 2.5 KW

We are offering Water Distillation Plant. It uses the principle of distillation process for operation in which boiled water is converted to vapor form then vapors condensed again to form pure water. Theses water distillation plants are designed and constructed for the mass production purposes, the ease of installation, smooth operation, low maintenance and high efficiency makes them superior than different other competitors. Water Distillation Plant is electric calefaction multi effect water. It can be use ionic water as raw material heated by boiler steam and assimilates water for drinking.


  • Robust design
  • Anti corrision
  • Ease installation

Water Distillation System

Product Details:
  • Operation Mode: Automatic, Semi-Automatic
  • Capacity: 0-200 litres per hour, 200-500 litres per hour
  • Certification: CE

Water Distillation System is the plant in which heat is provided to boil impure form of water into steam which is reduced back into water and then collected in a pure form of water. When water boils, it leaves left impurities behind in the boiling chamber. The rising steam passes into liquid. The Water left behind in the boiling chamber is dissolved and the process is started over Distilled Water has an insipid taste, because the dissolved minerals that give water a pleasant taste have been removed. These water distillation plant & systems are highly used in the many industries for various applications like leather, synthetic, textile industry.


  • High efficiency
  • Easy installation
  • Low input cost

Industrial Water Treatment Plant

Product Details:
  • Automatic Grade: Automatic, Semi-Automatic
  • Installation Service: Yes
  • Capacity: Varies

Other details:

  • Pre-Treatment section comprising of Filter Assembly (Multi Media/ Activated Carbon/ Micron Filter) and Water Softener.
  • RO Module comprising of High Pressure Pump and Membrane with Housings.
  • Post Treatment per the System application

Packaged Distilled Water Plant

Product Details:
  • Operation Mode: Automatic
  • Capacity: 0-200 litres per hour, 200-500 litres per hour, 1000-2000 litres per hour
  • Certification: CE
  • Power Supply(kw): 380V 50Hz 3 Phase

Packaged Distilled Water Plant is complete design of turnkey basis. Plant assembling machines like Filter Assembly (Sand/Carbon/Bag Filter), High Pressure Pump, Membrane with Housing, Water Distillation Plant, Ultraviolet (UV System), Water Purification Equipment, SS Storage Tank, Fully Automatic or Semi Automatic Bottle Filling Machine, PET Stretch blowing Machine, Pouch Filling Machines and so on. We are also providing documentation and training on plant operation and quality control. The distillation process is highly used for water purification purpose.
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